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For over 20 years, First Capital Wealth has concentrated on the retirement income needs of our clients. Safe, Simple and Predictable is the cornerstone of our recommendations to ensure for a worry-free retirement; knowing your retirement dollars are safe, with no equity market risk to principal, with guaranteed interest rates and tax-favored income options is our highest priority, however in some cases, our clients may desire investment advice or products that require the assistance of an Investment Advisor Representative.

As a service to our clients, Certificates of Deposit, U.S. Government and investment grade corporate bonds, mutual funds, and stocks are available through our in-house IAMS Wealth Management Investment Advisor Representative. Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) are individuals who are employed by state or federal registered investment firms. IARs can make recommendations or provide advice on the value, purchase, and sale of securities and are knowledgeable of most types of investments. IAMS Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor (RIA) at the federal level with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The Investment Advisor Representative at First Capital Wealth Management, LLC is registered with IAMS Wealth Management. First Capital Wealth Management, LLC and IAMS Wealth Management are unrelated entities.