OUR mission

At First Capital Wealth we are known for taking a focused approach to advising our clients. We concentrate our efforts on fixed income retirement plans to provide our clients with guaranteed retirement income with no direct equity market risk.

Our recommendations are based on over 36 years of experience working with clients to provide a worry free retirement and to maximize their retirement income. Experience and integrity equals positive results; every year since 1992, we have been nationally recognized as one of the top retirement income fixed annuity providers in the United States by the leading and most respected fixed retirement annuity insurance companies.*

This is our promise to you that we will never stray from the following goals to keep our client's retirement funds:


Safety is our primary goal, we work primarily with Insurance companies with an "Excellent" rating by A.M. Best offering fixed annuity plans with guaranteed minimum interest rates*.


Our clients benefit from plans that are straightforward with guaranteed values they can rely on for income during retirement with the comfort of knowing the full balance will be paid to their named beneficiaries without the cost and delays of probate.


With no downside risk due to index volatility, our clients enjoy the confidence of knowing their money will be there when they need it, many of our fixed index annuity plans offer a guaranteed lifetime income without the contract owner losing control of their money .

Thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown by letting us help you achieve your retirement income goals.

*We have been recognized by American Investors Life, AmerUs Life, Aviva Life and Annuity, and American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company as one of each of those companies most successful fixed annuity agents. These insurance companies are rated “Excellent” by A.M. Best and have historically been in the top 5 of retirement income annuity specialists in North America.